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Accelerate to Industry (A2i) at Illinois State University

A2i is a program pioneered by North Carolina State University and focuses on workforce readiness development for Graduate Students. It includes a series of modules to help Graduate Students to explore their career opportunities and transition into leadership positions. Participating students will gain skills, knowledge and abilities that are highly sought after in an industry environment and have the possibility to directly learn from industry representatives.

The Graduate School is partnering with leading industries in the region to allow our students to gain firsthand experience and information. The program includes five modules that are designed to provide individual learning experiences and bring motivated Graduate Students and industry representatives together.

The program is intended to:

  • Increase awareness of career options by exposing students to the wide range of industry careers
  • Assist students to acquire and demonstrate competencies necessary for leadership positions in a corporate environment
  • Help students translate their educational experiences into fulfilling careers.