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Postdoctoral Scholars

A Postdoc is defined as a position for individuals that have completed their doctoral degree. The goal of a Postdoc is to engage in additional research, training, or teaching to pursue a career in academia, research, private sector, or any other fields. Postdocs have a temporary academic appointment under the guidance of a faculty member. Individuals in a Postdoc position continue their individual studies or contribute to research carried out at Illinois State University. Postdoctoral research is considered as an essential part of the scholarly mission of ISU; it is expected to produce relevant publications in peer-reviewed academic journals or conferences and contribute to the advancement of its respective field of research.

  1. The individual holding a Postdoc position must have a doctoral degree.
  2. Postdocs are funded through third party grants, fellowships or equivalent resources. The following two options are most common:
    1. A department or faculty member has secured external funding for research that allows for the employment of a Postdoc.
    2. A Postdoc has secured her/his own funding and would like to carry out research at ISU.
  3. Postdoc positions are classified as temporary, non-continuous Administrative Professional appointments. Therefore, prior Presidential hiring restriction approval is required to recruit and hire a Postdoc.
  4. The length of appointment is determined by the source of funding.
  5. Postdocs are primarily focused on research. By default, they are not required to engage in teaching activities, but may do so if related to their research.
  6. Every Postdoc must have a designated faculty member “Mentor” in the hosting department.
    1. This Mentor must have full graduate faculty status.
    2. It is common for the Mentor to be the principal investigator for the research project the Postdoc is involved in.
  7. Hiring departments may add additional requirements or stipulations for the Postdoc appointment if they do not conflict with the requirements above.

If you have any questions about Postdoctoral Scholars, feel free to contact Erin Hastings.