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Three Minute Thesis - 2021 Finalists

Here are the winners of Illinois State University's Three Minute Thesis competition held on February 19, 2021, via Zoom.

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  • Amani Wise(First place)

    Psychology: The Impact of White Privilege Awareness on Microaggression Perception

  • Megan Donnelly (Second Place)

    Psychology: Right-wing authoritarianism, moral disengagement, and victimization: The demeaning socio-cognitive attitudes of bullies

  • Jessica Barrack (People's Choice)

    Kinesiology and Recreation: Sleep Quality and Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in Young Adults with Concussion History

  • Raeann Huffman

    Agriculture: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Investigating Turtle Immunity

  • Whitney Green

    Biological Sciences: Perceptions of Centers of Teaching and Learning regarding Practice, Outreach, and Theory

  • Jessica Brougham

    Kinesiology and Recreation: The Impact of Social Media on the Mental Health of Student-Athletes

  • Shahrbanoo Hamzeh

    Wonsook Kim School of Art: Welcoming in the Front Door

  • Kelly Murphy

    Communication: Sports, Philanthropy, and Twitter: An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Kate Neally

    Teaching and Learning: Underrepresentation of Minorities in STEM Education