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Research Symposium Overview

Illinois State's Research Symposium is a university-wide showcase of student scholarship, research, and creative expression.

Held every spring, the Research Symposium offers students the opportunity to actively participate in the Illinois State academic community.

The Symposium is open to all students enrolled at the university and engaged in scholarship, research, and creative expression under the direction of a faculty mentor.

  • Why Participate

    • Participation in the symposium is an attractive addition to any resume or graduate school application.
    • Taking part allows students to gain valuable experience presenting to a diverse audience.
    • Participants are able to network and gain an appreciation of the work of their colleagues.
    • All participants are eligible to apply for assistance funds.
  • How to Participate

    • Find a faculty member willing to serve as your mentor.
    • Sign up during registration period (December 1, 2024 — February 14, 2025).
    • Prepare your presentation with your faculty mentor's guidance.